Cork Coffee Roasters is a Cork City based Coffee Company specializing in small-batch coffee roasting and espresso preparation, and espresso equipment. Our focus is ALWAYS on the finished COFFEE product in the cup. We do it right! In very small batches, On really traditional machines, Using methods honed over the centuries.


“keep it simple, traditional and small”

Working closely with a tight group of independent coffee roasters in the Pacific Northwest, John Gowan trained extensively as a roaster before returning to Cork with his wife, Anna.  Dedicated to supplying freshly roasted coffee to our customers, we also supply wholesale customers all across Ireland. Training and machine selection available. Coffee has been our passion for over 20 years. After working with our original mentors in the Pacific Northwest and,  by sticking to their advice of “keep it simple, traditional and small”, our company has flourished.  

Our method of roasting coffee is on a traditional cast iron coffee roaster built in 1930s This is not the most efficient way of roasting coffee; but it is gentle, it takes time and it takes the human touch. Throughout the coffee industry large & small, this method is regarded by all, to be the best way of roasting. Bringing out wonderful tastes and flavours from each and every coffee bean. We roast only high grown, Arabica green beans .

Our Cafes

Day in and Day out—This is our Happy Place.

Our three cafes are known for their relaxed welcoming culture and our dedication to great coffee.

No.2 Bridge Street – Opened in 2008, this is our original location and a real community gathering spot.

No.2 French Church Street – Opened in 2015, a cozy place in the heart of Cork’s Huguenot Quarter.  

No.16 Anglesea Street – Cork Coffee Roasters Cafe at 16 Anglesea St, Cork.

85 St. Luke’s Cross – Our latest addition is Cork Coffee Roasters Cafe at 85 St. Luke’s Cross.


Opened in 2008

Bridgestone Award Winners 2009-2016

Shortlisted for Best Café in The Food Awards Ireland 2016

Cork’s 96fm Best of Cork Awards – Best Coffee 2018

Cork’s 96fm Best of Cork Awards – Best Coffee 2020

Fresh coffees, locally roasted the right way

What do we mean by the right way?

It means humping 70 kg bags of Arabica coffee varietals which we carefully select from across the globe.

It means standing all day alongside our reliable, vintage cast-iron coffee roaster. Knowing and appreciating the quirks and peculiarities of that 70+ year old beauty. Adjusting for time and temperature.

It means constantly removing samples to check for our desired quality. Checking every minute for our desired smell, taste, bean colour and cracking sounds.

Knowing that getting it right depends on experience that can only be perfected by doing the same thing over and over. Hundreds of times a day.